What is Copywriting?

Copy is basically just a business term for ‘words that sell stuff.’

Copy is writing that is inviting the reader to ‘do’ something, like; subscribe, follow, like, buy! Copy can help someone to decide if they like your brand and want to engage.

So anywhere you are writing and posting about, or related to, your business – be it on your website, brouchers, newsletters, email funnels, social media and so on – that’s copy!

Good copywriting is vital because it is how people communicate with you and your brand. It makes sure that you say what you want to say, in the most concise and effective way.

The most common problem I find, is that people are often so passionate about their business, they can talk and talk about it for hours, but trying to put it into specific, consistent and engaging content.

This is where a copywriter can come in.

With a firm understanding of SEO, using stories to sell and effectively structuring words, I can take all of the many words you say and turn them into the perfect copy for your brand.

5 Things About Me!

I am a total geek when it comes to words and linguistic choices.

I have a First class honours degree in Writing & English Literature from the University of Hertfordshire and a Masters in Writing from the University of Cambridge.

My favourite day involves a long walk, a fire and a good book.

I was born and raised in London but moved a little further out when my children were born.

I can’t eat spicy food but I will love you forever if you bring me sweets.


You can make anything by writing — C. S. Lewis