Planning your 2021 Blog posts & Content

So 2020 was… hmm… which word shall we use? Let’s go with — unexpected!

But the great news is there is another year starting in just a couple of weeks, so let’s focus on that, starting with your 2021 blog posts.

Did you know, if you have a static website, after a while the Google bots assume it’s dormant and stop bringing it up in searches?

Regularly updating your website keeps it current and visible on Google — blog posts are a quick and easy way to do that, plus they can allow you to keep promoting and selling your brand at the same time.

It really is worth taking time to sit down and think about what content you are going to put out when. That way, you are never scrabbling around trying to quickly find something to post but ready to go with your blog posts for the next few months already written.

Don’t have time to sit down and write blog posts? No worries! That’s precisely what I’m here for and I have put together an Annual Blog Content Package especially for you.

After an initial zoom call discussing your specific business needs, goals and objectives (plus the year ahead), I will put together a blog content plan for you.

Once agreed, I will thoroughly research, develop and write two blog posts a month, so you are never short of content or unsure of what to write — for the whole of 2021!

If you are interested in this package, drop me an email and we can discuss how I can help.

Merry Christmas and a Happy (healthy) 2021!

5 reasons you should hire a copywriter

We can all write, right? Of course but copywriting is more than just writing, it’s writing with a job to do!

Like I say on my homepage, copywriting is not a “one size fits all” type situation. You want your copy to represent your work within your sector. You want your words to grab the readers interest, so they feel compelled to take action. Essentially, you need your copy to work hard for you, and that can take experience to get right.

Your language is part of your brand. When starting a business, it’s common for people to think about how it will ‘look’ — the logo, the brand colours, the website — but the language you use becomes the voice of your company or brand, so it’s vital you get it right. A strategic look at your brand’s tone of voice will transform the way customers and competitors see you.

Save time and money. Hand this task to a professional who knows what they are doing, and you have suddenly gained hours that you can spend doing what you do best — running your business! Professional copywriters can write engaging copy quickly, saving you time and money in the end.

You may be too close to the topic. Most people I work with are so passionate about their business (as they should be) that they can talk on and on and on… They need a copywriter who can be objective, capture your services and make sure the key, core message is being communicated effectively.

Copywriters understand writing for different content formats. How you write on your website will be slightly different from how you write on a social media post, but copywriters can write larger pieces of content, like a blog post, which can be broken down and repurposed into bite seizures chunks for socials so you can get your message out to a larger audience.